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The Wilhaus Whippets are located in Arden, North Carolina and belong to Kitty Williams (me) and Matt (my son). Arden is just south of Asheville, North Carolina in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of the Eastern United States.

We do not have a "kennel" and all of our dogs are members of our household. I began my love of dogs with german shepherd dogs, in 1977, which I showed in Obedience Trials, gaining Companion Dog (CD) titles with them. After the german shepherds, I obtained standard schnauzers, and handled all three to their conformation championships with the help of my son Matt.  While at the shows, I fell in love with whippets. We obtained our first whippet in 1995. To date, we have bred eleven whippet bench champions, and one standard schnauzer bench champion.  Along with several ASFA and AKC lure coursing champions, we are the breeders of several more whippets who we hope to see finish their breed or coursing championships soon.

Our breeding program consists of a litter about every 1 to 2  years. The first consideration is health, and temperament. We also strive to improve on breed type with each litter, as described in the AKC breed
We are members of the American Whippet Club.

We have been blessed to have as mentors and friends, Calvin Perry (Appraxin), Debbie Butt (Sporting field), and Glenda Durance and Chris Durance-Watkins (Cherche’). We thank them for such a wonderful start in whippets, and many thanks to Joy Roth and Val Yantz for the many years of friendship, and healthy, wonderful standard schnauzers.
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